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Latest Courses:

Professional Certificate in IBS Score

Professional Certificate in IBS Score + Personal Consultancy

Structured, easy to master, self-learning lessons based on 15 years of IBS Score experience by a pioneering member.

Besides the existing courses, we also have these coming real soon:

Professional Certificate in Revit IBS Score

Professional Certificate in Precast Concrete Manufacturing (Theory)

Professional Certificate in Precast Concrete Installation (with Gamification)

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"Construction firms are starting to come around on tech adoption. Companies that are researching and implementing technology are reaping the rewards with increased productivity, better collaboration, and completing projects on time and under budget—resulting in higher profit margins.

It might be a tough pill to swallow, but we’ve gotten to the point where firms that aren’t investing in new technologies and solutions are no longer staying competitive those that are strategically adopting and implementing tech solutions. Construction firms that continue to refuse to innovate are destined to die."

  • K. Jones, How Technology Is Reshaping the Construction Industry,

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